Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fabric Softener and maxi pads, OH MY!

Im not in love with the deals this week but I did manage to score some essentials for a very good price, saving this family of five a good amount of money.

My favorite deal of the week was the Stayfree maxi pads at Walgreens on sale for $2.99 with a $2.99 register reward to use on next purchase.

Making this deal even better was visiting  stayfree for a $1 off coupon making your out of pocket only $1.99. Yes, you made a dollar to take these babies out of the store. You can do this twice if you print off two coupons (simply hit back button twice while first coupon is printing)just don't do it in same shopping trip and don't use your previous RR to buy the next Stayfree purchase.

Ok, so far I have only spent $2.11 and I have a $2.99 RR that I am now ready to use on this next deal:

Clorox toilet bowl cleaner was on sale at Walgreens 2 for $3 after in store coupon. I also printed off a Clorox toilet bowl cleaner coupon a week or so ago that is no longer available, to make this deal even better. I got 2 for $2.25. Walgreens also has a hot buy in the boxed Popsicles. We love the Authentic Italian Ices that are made in Chicago and for $.60, you can give them a try. I added these to my order and didn't pay anything out of pocket.

To recap, I have a pack of stayfree maxi pads, a box of popsicles, and 2 clorox toilet bowl cleaners and I have only paid $2.11.

The next day I used my second Stayfree coupon and rang the pads up first as my first transaction. I paid $2.11 and got my $2.99 RR. I then applied that to my second transaction which was the Purex Crystals softener. I had two coupons for these I found in sunday paper making these $1.99 a piece. That my friends, is a deal. I've since tried the softener crystals and I love them. Im hoping to find some more coupons by a miracle to buy a few more at this great price. In order to use the 2 manufacturer coupons and the $2.99 RR, I need 3 items so I always look at clearance bin. In metropolis, we have $.24 KY wildcats silly bands or. $25 Glee items. Snag one of those items for a door prize or as a9 gift for a child. So, I have $4.25 in items and $2.99 RR.

My OOP on this transaction is under a $1.40. This combined with the $2.11 from the day before comes to $3.51.  I got 7 items.  That is $.50 per item.  I'm LOVIN it!!

Tip: Always print off a coupon for an item like this because you never know when it will go on sale and you want to get the best deal. Also, check out foods, toiletries, and household goods out on facebook. They often have coupons you can print for liking their page.

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