Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shopping has never felt so rewarding

Here is my meek little pile of goodies that I swooped up at our neighborhood Walgreens and the Walmart across the flooding Ohio river. I might not be able to leave Metropolis again for a while with all of this rain and flooding. Leaving town today, I could see the water was making its way onto Highway 145 if the rain persists.

In my short time of couponing I haven't got to get the really good sale on toilet paper but I guess it hits a rock bottom price sooner or later with coupons and when it does, I'm stocking up! This deal wasn't bad though by any means. I'm a Charmin girl or let me say I used to be a Charmin girl but we are having to buckle down so I'm now a whatever is the best price kind of girl and I'm proud of it because we will now have more money for other saving?? The Cottonelle was on sale for $5. They do not advertise the RR's near this toilet paper or the coupon savings in the May coupon book but you will get this deal. Print off your Cottonelle coupons for $.50 off each roll. You can print off two per computer. ( Present your manufacturer coupons first, then present the coupon for $1.00 off in the May booklet found when you walk into the store. Your total will be $7.00 OOP but you will get a $3 RR you can use towards your next transaction. That makes your final cost on these two packs of toilet paper $4.00!!!! I'm thinking that's pretty darn good.
I got the two Right Guard deoderants for FREE!
The Noxzema razors were $1.99 OOP with a $2.00 coupon, plus I got a  $3.00 RR so they were free plus I made a dollar.  Note: Do not use the Noxzema RR towards another Noxzema purchase.  If you do, you will not get another RR. Also, my Noxzema razors contained another $2.00 off coupon so look for that. 
The Comet cleaner was on sale with ad coupon 2 for $1.00 and I had 2- $.25 coupons that made them a quarter a piece when stacked with the ad coupon.  Yes, you can do that.
The Cottonelle wipes were $1.50 after a coupon.  Probably not the best deal but better than $2.00 I would pay at Walmart.  I bought 4 filler items (Glee stickers and Glee stationary on clearance) at a quarter a piece for the girls so I could use all my coupons.   I had 12 coupons to use with my 3-$3.00 RR from previous week so that took $9.00 off my total.  My final total was $6.67 and I earned $6.00 in RR's so $.67 isn't bad at all.  Keep in mind this is the total with  $9.00 in RR's I earned last week. If your just starting out you may have to pay a little more out of pocket or just do separate transactions so you can use a RR on next purchase. 

Next up was Walmart.  I found 4 more Airwick Ultra coupons for $4.00 off and they are on sale for $4.98 at Walmart so I got them for $.98 a piece.  I also have 7 coupons for any Ivory soap $1.00 off, so I scooped up 7- 3 packs at $.97 a piece.  That means I made $.21 on those. Didn't pay a dime.  Man I wish I knew about couponing when we were young and forever soaping.  Jeesh!

Again, this shopping trip cost me under $10.  After deducting $6 in RR it was a $4 shopping trip and look at all the things I got!  Yall can do this too!!!  It really does satisfy you and its easy on the pocketbook.  Shopping has never felt so rewarding.  LOVE IT!

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