Monday, May 17, 2010

I didn't sign up for this

On march 9th, 2010 I saw a new OB GYN, for I was pregnant! (screams) I always have a miscarriage before I have a viable pregnancy that warrants me a beautiful child, but since I've had three miscarriages my dr wanted to do extensive bloodwork. I had no idea what it entailed. I shouldve asked. The thought never crossed my mind about how much it would cost. (How much could bloodwork cost anyway.)

Here is a list of things dr checked me for.

I'm 31 and married. A little late to check me for herpes!!

I have no idea what this gibberish is but best believe they charged me an arm and a leg for it and last but not least...............

Amphetamines??! R u serious!!! And I am SO not lying when I tell you that the amphetamines test was 553.00. It was the most expensive out of all the others. I couldve just told them I don't do amphetamines and saved myself a lot of money, but they never asked :(

Those three pages of testing invoice came to a total of 1547.12 after insurance discount. Insurance paid 1079.55 and I'm stuck with paying the rest.

So out of this test I found out I had antiphospholipid syndrome which may or may not have contributed to past miscarriages, and they wanted me to give myself expensive shots every day(as if I could afford). I take a dollar general baby aspirin instead.
I found out I have a folic acid deficiency so more pills to pop (yay me)
I found out I have to get a 40.00 a week ultrasound until I'm 23 weeks pregnant.(again. So broke)

So basically I found out I have to spend a lot of additonal money just because of that blasted cream of the crop blood exam. Conspiracy? Probably.

My 11 weeks ultrasound. Weeks 12 and 13 they ripped me off Nd didn't supply me with 3d ultrasound.

I go this Thursday for my 14 weeks some odd days ultrasound. They say we will be able to tell the sex but can't u see the sex right now? ;)

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