Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reese pampers mommy

Here I lay on the green chenille couch embarking on my 14th week of
pregnancy. I found out really early I was pregnant. I don't recommend
it. As I lay here, my five year old daughter brushes my hair
lovingly, telling me to lift my head up and also telling me if scooby
doo isn't to my liking I can watch something else. I am actually very
relaxed right now. She has now offered up another service. Braids.
"How many braids mom?". "Oh, I'll take however many you deem
appropriate." Every once in a while she takes a break to look at the
tv and pluck hair from the thick bristle brush. I wish she would just
get back to brushing already but I don't want to seem overly eager as
they never like to do things for long that you enjoy so I will sit
here and act indifferent. Oh. She just asked me if I wanted to watch a
grown up movie. I must be doing something right. I never get offered

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