Tuesday, June 1, 2010

16 weeks pregnant

I just realized the other day that this pregnancy has pretty much been a walk in the park on a cool day, not a hot sunny one. Those hot, sunny walks in the park are not fun.

I only had indigestion for like a week or two, and the morning sickness was slim to none after just a week of puking every day.

I must say the worst part of this pregnancy has been the peeing all night long and peeing on myself when I cough... I swear I'm doing those damn kegal exercises! Oh.... We can't forget about the weight gain. I now weigh in at a cool 181 lbs. Not a good look for me but it is what it is and I will lose the weight after I have little Jackson, so it's all good. I'll deal with looking like a heffer for the greater good.

Oh and these stupid heart palpatations. Who in the heck gets those when they are pregnant? I never experienced this with the girls. Must be a boy thing. A sign that he is gonna give me a few heart attacks?

I've also been able to get off all antidepressants. I've been on those suckers ever since Reese was born five years ago. I couldn't live without my blessed effexor xr. It kept me together. It kept me sane. I loved it. And it loved me. I had to dump effexor xr after becoming pregnant for the more desirable zoloft. Zoloft is a joke. It's no where near the monster effexor xr is. I took it for a month and was able to quit it cold turkey with no side effects and I feel great! Just try to quit effexor xr and tell me your not trying to pull your hair out along with gouging out your eyeballs. Sex? Forget about. U gets NONE!

So, I'm pretty thrilled that Jackson will come from a nice slit through my uterus drug free! I can also breastfeed him without worrying about the drug crossing into breast milk.

I'm no pessimist but I'm not really an optimist either so we all know I will probably suffer post partum depression again and have to go back on antidepressants but I'm cool with that because my children deserve the best mommy I can be and I believe antidepressants help me with just that.

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