Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Back to School 2011

Ok, so I'm a little behind.  I like to say, better late than never, right.  I just wanted to chronicle some back to school pics of the girls.  Reese graduated Kindergarten and is now in the first grade.  We started off wearing some Gymboree but quickly decided that was not acceptable as Justice was the place to go for any fashion diva.   Maria is a fourth grader this year and it couldn't show more.  Here she is rocking a Murray State Vintage shirt from Target along with my Yac Pac I carried a few times at school before I decided it killed my back. 
Obviously, Reese hasn't mastered the art of keeping her eyes open for pictures upon entering the first grade. 

Did I mention I CANNOT decide Maria's ensembles.  Well, I can't.  She is a fourth grader after all.  They have their own idea of what they like and what looks good.  Today she decided a scarf wrapped around one wrist and Zumba bracelets on the other finished her look.  I especially loved the sequin headwrap. 

And while Reese is missing an assortment of teeth, I can still pick out her outfits pending her approval. 

Second day back to school with the girls I keep in the morning and after school.  GO GIRLS!
I'm gonna blog some pictures of 4 months later to see how much they have grown!

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