Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Calling all perfect moms..if there is such a thing

Its just me and the kids Sunday through Wednesday. My husband is on the road to Canada every week so we can give our kids the best. By that, I apparently don't mean discipline. Let me explain. My children get everything and I guess they think that entitles them to doing whatever they want while I'm pinned down with a baby on the tit. Me- "girls, sit down and quit fighting (calmly at this point). Them- *ignoring me*. Me-(a little louder this time)"GIRLS!! SIT DOWN". Them- *still fighting and ignoring me*. This goes on and on. I just give up after a while and resign myself to watching House while they dive in front of the TV, bend fingers, poke eyeballs, and wrestle with the now excited dog.

Last night at 7 o'clock, I announced bedtime because the baby had went to sleep and this became the perfect opportunity for me to get out a book or two and read to them and then lay in their beds and listen to what they wanted Santa to bring them for Christmas. They were playing with their magnetic "paper dolls" and ignored me. I even went as far as to begin reading the story and still they ignored me, favoring the dolls and each other instead. I felt rejected as I glumly walked out of the room and went back to my spot on the couch where the baby lay nestled and picked up my respiratory study material. An hour passed and Reese decided it was now a good time for me to lay with her and read her a story on my phone. I tried to rationalize with her after I told her No way Jose! She started in with her infamous screaming/crying fit. I remained calm. She kept crying. I threatened with the belt. She took off like a scalded dog to the bed only to come back again. I told her we are on mommy time, not her time. I explained they were being taught a lesson for ignoring me and not going to bed like I asked. She cried and screamed some more. This went on for an hour. I eventually succumbed to her pitifulness and laid in the bed with her all the while telling her we weren't doing this again tomorrow night. When I say bed, I mean bed. Get in the bed, be quiet, and let me do my mommy duties.

I wonder what the perfect mommies do???

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