Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How I style maria's hair

I only use Kinky-Curly hair products on my girls hair. It is an all organic line for curl care.

I shampoo maria's hair once a month with the come clean shampoo. Washing any more than that with a shampoo is extremely drying to ethnic hair.

I condition twice a week with the Knot today leave in. It's very important you apply a generous amount an that the hair be soaking wet. It needs to be combed through and hair needs to be tangle free before rinsing. I always lightly rinse with cool water and apply more for good measure. We then get out of the tub to apply the curling custard. I use a generous amount of this product as well. I apply to small sections at a time stretching the hair down as I saturate each strand of hair all the way to the end of hair. As hair becomes dry, I re wet with a spray bottle. I do not comb hair. I combed The hair in the tub. I just finger comb at this point. Hair should already be detangled. Small sections nets the best results. Once applied, we air dry but you can also diffuse on cool air setting. Before bed, I put marias hair in a pony on top of her head. It's usually frizzy in the morning because she is a rough sleeper. It looks like this.

This pic is actually two nights of sleeping. I didn't touch her hair yesterday.

The only thing I do is re wet the frizzy sections with a spray bottle and apply more curling custard.

Getting ready to re wet in below pic. Hair is still n a pony.

Hair just taken down from pony. No combing. No brushing. I will now rake through curls with fingers and spot treat as needed.

She isn't happy with me and not cooperating. Once wet hair dries it will be really cute and fancy free!

I missed a spot of frizz up there but I'll get that. The rest of her hair is soft and bouncy!!

As the days go by the curls get looser and hair becomes longer. We will condition again in two days probably. Depends on how the hair starts to look. Right now it is looking great.

And some more angles of her hair

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