Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 6 PP and your feelings

If any of you ladies are like me, your husband might be getting on your last nerve and the last thing you wanna do is back that ass up.

Week 6 is supposed to be the week in which you may resume sexual activity. "May" being the operative word. I "may" not want to resume sexual activity and that's ok.

First of all, I'm nursing a baby 24/7. This does not lead to visions of orgasms dancing in my head. It does not lead to visions of me giving you head. The only visions I have are sleeping for 4 hours straight. My husband seems quite understanding of this...... I wonder how much porn he is watching on his cell phone??

How many of you ladies just let your man get his so you can go to sleep? I'm guilty! Oh so guilty.....listen, if he wants it that bad he will take it and be happy about it.

I've got my sexy Victoria Secret panties ready for when I'm ready but these suckers come paired with an ugly nursing bra stuffed with nursing pads! Hello sexy!

I am also suffering from blurry eye/headache syndrome from not enough sleep. I quietly shut it up with large amounts of caffeine which may be a reason my baby doesn't sleep very well.

My husband is suffering from lack of sex and I'm suffering from lack of sleep. I think that's fair.

It's 10:53 am and I'm yawning and I've had two cups of Joe. The baby is passed out on my boob and the second I move him he will wake up so I will just let him be. I found out he likes the swing yesterday while I was working out. I'm gonna search the consignment for a cheap one. They never stay in those for long so I'm not paying over $40 for one.

*yawning again* I'm glad to be working out again. It feels delicious. I can't wait to share my results with yall each week. I'll see u next Tuesday with a new pic. Hopefully a small change can be noted.

The flabby is still there. I've not been eating very well. Christmas cookies are a bitch.

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