Friday, December 31, 2010

Week 7 PP

I'm totally feeling fat and bloated this week. Ugh! Anyhow, I'm back to my old workout schedule with the addition of Zumba 3-4 times a week so I should start seeing results over the coming weeks.

Weight loss doesn't happen overnight. You just got to keep working hard and you will begin to see the payoff each week as those pants fit a little looser than they did the previous week.

I'm still trying to recover from the Holidays. I'm pretty sure I didn't gain but I sure didn't lose.

I bought myself some new workout clothes. Those always make you feel better.

Yep. Definitely bloated.

Other than the el bloto, I'm feeling really good about myself and optimistic about getting back into my jeans by valentines day.

My reward
Once I can fit back into my 8's, I'm buying a pair of Zumba Fusion cargo pants and a new tank.

Here is a look at Jackson at 7 weeks old who is really showing his vocal abilities this week. This is his favorite sleeping position and my favorite Pj on him. I love him in red!

Also, one last thing. Do yall know what Pink stands for?

My husband does. A womans vagina. That's what he says. Would yall agree?

(pink in regards to Victoria's Secret line)
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