Monday, December 13, 2010

Maniacal musings

holy shitballs! I got a bath

I was lucky to be able to hop into the tub and get a bath before the 5 week old baby boy demanded my boobs for his feeding pleasure.

The girls behaved quite nicely and I didn’t have to yell at them once from the tub. I might have been able to enjoy a glass of wine if it wasn’t 12:30 in the afternoon and if I had any wine. Instead, I managed to shave a few select places while examining my c section scar and pulling out a white, supposedly dissolvable staple. Well that sucker didn’t dissolve. I had to pull it out and it left two tiny little puncture marks in it’s wake. At least I couldn’t feel it because I’m still numb. Someone could hack off my stomach and I wouldn’t feel it. That left a nice mental picture huh?

Twenty minutes out of the tub and baby is still nursing. Hair is still wet and face is dry and in need of moisturizing.
(45 minutes out of the tub. Baby finally quit nursing. Hair is frizzing on my head and face feels like a statue. )
quarter inch of snow = no school which = crazy mommy
I do believe my other two kids who will not go to school this week because of snow and freezing temperatures are messing up my bedroom playing a game they aptly call twirly twirl as I type. I’m going to need lots of coffee and lots of patience to endure this week and the next. If only they weren’t girls, I might have it a little easier. If they were boys, I would ship them outside bundled up with the dog and sled in tow.
I would very much like a bottle of water and an extra wide mug of coffee and a nice book to read and maybe a nap but we all know the latter two probably won’t happen. I'm so simple it's sick.
For your sanity
Pretend like you enjoy being inside today and do whatever it takes for your kids if they are home as well to be entertained. I bought brain quest books for my kids to work on. I’m playing teacher today. I make for a rather short fuse type of teacher. I don't think the kids like me for a teacher. I'm like an evil substitute.

The modern mother plays a million roles and I’m happy to say that besides my somewhat maniacal musings, I love being a mom and my kids are the peanut butter on my whole wheat ritz crackers. Mutters to self....(now where are those damn brain quest books?)

This is always good for a smile

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